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About Rock Sound, Eleuthera

When we think of rocky bluffs, modern resorts, massive coral reefs, and low-lying wetlands in the Bahamas, only Eleuthera Island crosses our minds. The 2-mile-wide island is not only known to have some of the world’s best dive sites, but it also offers the authentic tropical feel of the Bahamas.

Interesting History and Culture

Before you book your flight, here are some interesting historical and cultural facts about this gorgeous place:

  • It was the first permanent settlement in the Bahamas, thanks to the Eleutheran Adventurers from Bermuda who discovered it while on their pursuit for religious freedom.
  • Most residents have a West African origin. Their ancestors were brought in to work  in American cotton plantations.
  • Junkanoo is one of the most popular cultural festivals attracting thousands of people dressed in colorful costumes and dancing in the street to traditional Bahamian music.

You can learn more about this rich, authentic culture by interacting with the friendly locals at a more personal level.


Fun Things to Do in Rock Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas

If you’re planning a Bahamas vacation, you may want to visit the following stunning places:

Light House Beach

At the southernmost point of the island lies Lighthouse Beach – one of the most magnificent destinations in the Bahamas. The beach of soft, powdery, brush-rose sand hosts several hidden caves that’ll certainly satisfy all your snorkeling and shelling desires.


The Glass Window Bridge

Situated at the northern end of Eleuthera Island, the Glass Window Bridge will leave you breathless with its magnificent panoramic view. It one of the best places where you can compare the rich, blue Atlantic Ocean on one side and the calm turquoise Bight of Eleuthera on the other, separated by a narrow 30-feet-wide strip of rock.

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island

Stretching for just over 3 miles, Pink Sand Beach boasts of a powder-pink landscape that offers the perfect ambiance for a walk on the beach. Even better, the 50 to 100-feet-wide beach has cool sand that allows you to walk barefoot, making you one with nature.

The outlying reefs provide shallow and relatively calm water, which makes swimming and snorkeling safe, easy, and fun. If you’re on a honeymoon, you may want to try out the popular horseback riding along the beach.


Preachers Cave

Located 10 miles North of Eleuthera airport, the Preacher Cave is known to have provided shelter to the Eleutheran Adventurers after their shipwreck on the Devil’s Backbone.

Besides the Preacher Cave, Eleuthera hosts several other thrilling caves (such as Hatchet Bay Cave, Smuggler’s Cave, and Spider Cave) that enthusiasts will find breathtaking.

Ocean-Hole-Rock Sound Eleuthera

Ocean Hole, Rock Sound Eleuthera

The Bahamas brags of the highest concentration of blue holes (bottomless sinkholes leading to underwater caves) in the world that attracts a myriad of activities such as snorkeling and fishing.

On the southern edge of Rock Sound, lies Ocean Hole that’s known for its brackish water rumored to possess healing powers. Even though you’re not allowed to fish here, you can swim and feed the fish. You can also visit the Sapphire Blue Hole in the Northern part of Eleuthera.


The Island School, Eleuthera

The Island School has a tradition of being at the front edge of education—since our first semester we have been committed to a progressive view of education that challenges students to work collaboratively, live responsibly, develop confidence, and approach tough problems with critical awareness and genuine resiliency.

Learn more about The Island School

Accommodations on Rock Sound, Eleuthera

For your stay at Eleuthera, some of the best hotels that we recommended include:

Sky Beach Club
Squires Estate
Buttonwood Reserve

Sky Beach Club
This 4.5-star hotel offers fully furnished rooms with AC, refrigerators, private patios, wireless internet connection, and so much more convenient amenities.

Squires Estate
This estate is a collection of eight gorgeously restored 19th-century houses on the Governor’s Harbour with a picturesque view of the Cupid’s Cay. You can find accommodation for up to 8 people (in one house).

Buttonwood Reserve
This oceanfront condominium resort is set on a 45-foot ridge, giving scenic views of the Caribbean and Atlantic.

Cape Eleuthera Marina
A longtime favorite of ocean enthusiasts and Out Island adventurers, our marina is equipped to accommodate vessels up to 200’ LOA and features full utilities and free Wifi.

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