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Daily Flights to Chub Cay, Berry Island


About The Berry Islands

Discover Chub Cay: A Hidden Gem in the Berry Islands for Fishing and Luxury Travel

Nestled in the heart of the Bahamas, Chub Cay serves as an unspoiled sanctuary for those pursuing impeccable fishing, luxury, and adventure. Chb Cay is part of the Berry Islands in the Bahamas, this picturesque destination combines the thrill of sport fishing with the serenity of a private island getaway. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast, a luxury traveler, or simply someone seeking an escape to paradise, Chub Cay offers a unique blend of natural beauty, exclusivity, and excitement.

The Enchantment of the Berry Islands

The Berry Islands, a mesmerizing archipelago of over 24 small islands and nearly a hundred cays, stretch north of Nassau and Andros. Right at the heart of this paradisiacal cluster is Chub Cay, the crown jewel, located merely 35 miles north of Nassau. Renowned as the “Billfish Capital of the Bahamas,” Chub Cay has carved a prestigious name for itself in sport fishing and diving.

However, fishing and scuba aren’t the only treasures awaiting you. Chub Cay in the Berry Islands, Bahamas, is a haven of relaxation and luxury, easily accessible with stylish convenience via Makers Air. It’s an island that promises more than just an ordinary retreat—it offers an exquisite, unforgettable experience.

Chub Cay and the Berry Islands
Accommodations on Chub Cay, Bahamas

Luxurious Accommodations at Chub Cay, Bahamas

Chub Cay takes pride in being an island where tranquility is the essence of your stay. Access to this haven is exclusive to Chub Cay Resort and Marina guests, ensuring a peaceful, secure environment embraced by scenic beauty. Whether your preference leans toward the laid-back ambiance of island life or the charming allure of beachfront living, Chub Cay caters to every whim with a variety of accommodation options.

Embark on an Unforgettable Bahamas Journey

Chub Cay is not just a Bahamas destination; it’s an experience—a hidden gem in the Berry Islands that beckons with the allure of untamed nature, luxury accommodations, and unparalleled fishing adventures. It’s a world where the vibrant life of the ocean meets the tranquility of secluded beaches, creating an endless array of possibilities for exploration, relaxation, and indulgence.

Whether casting a line into the deep blue in search of billfish, basking in the warm glow of a Bahamas sunset, or savoring the unparalleled luxury of a private island escape, Chub Cay offers an exquisite backdrop for creating memories that last a lifetime.

For those seeking an exclusive getaway that combines the thrill of adventure with the luxury of island living, look no further than Chub Cay in the Berry Islands. It’s more than a destination—it’s a revelation in the art of travel.

Chb Cay Marina in the Bahamas

Chub Cay Resort and Marina

Please contact the hotel for flight promotions

When you arrive at the airport, a brief five-minute ride will transport you to the idyllic Chub Cay Resort and Marina. This secluded paradise is strategically positioned around the island’s western point, offering easy access to an array of amenities and breathtaking beaches.

The resort is a mosaic of luxury, featuring exquisite clubhouse suites, cozy beach cabanas, and lavish villas ranging from two to five bedrooms—all available at remarkably affordable rates. With its beautiful clubhouse restaurant, infinity pool, and Tiki bar, all overlooking the mesmerizing “Sunset Beach,” the resort magnifies the beauty of your stay.

Adventure and relaxation go hand in hand here, with a 109-slip marina ready to anchor your dreams. The resort’s comprehensive offerings include deep-sea and fly-fishing charters, a scuba diving and watersports center, and captivating boat tours around the Berry Islands, ensuring every moment is filled with wonder.

Plan your voyage to this breathtaking paradise today and unravel the mysteries of the deep, indulge in the luxury of privacy, and discover the serene beauty of Chub Cay. Visit for more details and to start your extraordinary island getaway adventure.

Little Whale Cay

If you’re looking for something more exclusive, you might want to consider the Little Whale Cay. Here, you’ll find three gorgeous villas, namely Peacock House, Flamingo House, and Little Whale House.

The resort comes with a 1930s décor, ample air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, among other modern amenities.

Flights to Chub Cay

A Little History: The Berry Islands

Flights to Chub Cay

Dubbed the “Billfish Capital of the Bahamas,” the Berry Islands have always been known worldwide for sport fishing and diving. But perhaps the most interesting detail about this island paradise is the fact that it’s privately owned, and only awarded to club members.

Building on this heritage, Chub Cay treasures and upholds the island’s legacy of tradition, pristine beauty, and world-class recreation.

Fun Things to Do in Chub Cay

A person holding a fish in the water during their visit to Chub Cay in the Bahamas, with convenient daily flights provided by Makers Air.

The Pocket

Chub Cay boasts spectacular fishing spots, but The Pocket is the Big Game Fisherman’s paradise. This is the spot where the ultra-deep tongue of the ocean culminates into the shallow Bahama Bank.

Here, you can find a wide variety of exotic fish species, including blue marlin, sailfish, white marlin, kingfish, wahoo, and so much more. On the buoy south of the cay, you’ll find mahi-mahi and yellowfin tuna cozying up in the deep waters.

Flights to Chub Cay Blue hole

Mama Rhoda Rock

Just several yards to the west of the Marina is the Mama Rhoda Rock. This big reef, together with the clear, calm ocean water, makes for an excellent spearfishing and diving spot.

Alternatively, you can explore its rich underwater flora and fauna through snorkeling.

Flights to Chub Cay Blue hole

The Blue Hole

After landing at the Chub Cay Airport, it will only take you a few glances of your map to notice the island’s spectacular Blue Hole. Located on the Southern Berry Islands Marine Reserve, this is one of the best spots for inland fishing in Berry Islands.

Frequently Asked Questions Before Taking A Flight to Chub Cay Bahamas

What is Makers Air?

Makers Air (FAA Certificate number N5CA865Y) is a certificated On-Demand / Commuter Air Carrier and holds Economic Authority issued by The Department of Transportation. All flights provided by Makers Air are conducted in accordance with 14 CFR Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations

We have been in business since 2002 with our base of operations at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. We offer both private charters and scheduled service, as well as freight service, to numerous destinations in the Bahamas.

How do I confirm my tickets to Chub Cay?

Chub Cay Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and payment in full are required to secure tickets. Reservations may be made directly online at our website,, or by calling (954) 771-0330. Makers Air accepts American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. You will receive a confirmation itinerary via email for all tickets and charters.

What Form of Payments Do You Accept?

The preferred form of payment is a credit card. We take MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express.

Any freight invoices that go unpaid after 30 days will be subject to late charges.

Are all the taxes and fees included in the quoted price?

On all scheduled service fares, the price on your itinerary includes all applicable taxes and fees. However, extra baggage charges, if applicable, are NOT included in this price. On private charters, certain landing fees, customs overtime fees, etc. may not be included in the quoted price. This will depend on the specific charter details (time, destination, etc.) which will be explained by our Charter Coordinator to you.

I need to change my ticket. What is your policy and how do I make this change?

Makers Air understands that plans change sometimes! Should your travel plans change, simply complete a Makers Air Travel Reschedule Form. Your change fee will be waived for changes made at least 14 days prior to your original departure date. For changes made within 14 days, please see below for fees:

  • $75 per passenger for changes made 8 to 13 days prior to departure
  • $100 per passenger for changes made 2 to 7 days prior to departure
  • $150 per passenger for changes made up to 8 hours prior to departure
  • If changes made inside of 8 hours of departure, customer forfeits ticket

I need to cancel my ticket. What is your policy and how do I cancel?

Should you need to cancel your trip completely, please complete a Makers Air Travel Reschedule Form. A travel voucher will be issued to you. This voucher is valid for travel within 12 months and cancellation fees will apply, as outlined below.

  • No change/cancellation fee for changes/cancellations made at least 14 days prior to departure
  • $75 per passenger for changes/cancellations made 8 to 13 days prior to departure
  • $100 per passenger for changes/cancellations made 2 to 7 days prior to departure
  • $150 per passenger for changes/cancellations made up to 8 hours prior to departure
  • If changes/cancellations made inside of 8 hours of departure, customer forfeits ticket

Regarding your travel voucher: Extensions beyond one year are not possible. Passengers who do not notify Makers Air in writing at least 8 hours in advance of their scheduled departure forfeit their right to a voucher for future travel. Notification to Makers Air must be made via this form. Phone calls or voicemails will not be accepted. All tickets are non-refundable as outlined on your ticket confirmation.

Can a minor travel unaccompanied?

Yes, a minor can travel unaccompanied as long as they have a notarized permission letter with both parents signatures on it. Additionally, a copy of this notarized letter must be emailed to our Reservations team at least 24 hours in advance at

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are welcome to fly with us as long as we are notified AT THE TIME OF BOOKING and all other rules and regulations are followed. You must also have the proper pet permitting required by the Bahamas Government. Due to regulations, you must call the office, before booking your flight, at 954-771-0330 to confirm that there is space available on your flight for your pet. The minimum pet fee is $35 or $2.00 per pound, whichever is greater. The “per pound” pet charge will include the crate’s weight or “carrier.” Pet must remain confined to an FAA-approved carrier for the duration of the flight. Please note that while in our lobby, all pets must remain in their crate or on their leash.

If you are traveling aboard our private charter aircraft (N633AH), only one pet up to 10 lbs is allowed and must remain confined to an FAA-approved carrier for the duration of the flight.

Makers Air follows all Department of Transportation guidelines regarding service animals vs. emotional support animals.  Please see links below for further details and clarification.  If you wish for your service animal to travel with you aboard a Makers Air flight, please be sure to complete the Service Animal Form and return to at the time of booking your flight.
Service Animal Form
DOT guidance on Service animals vs. Emotional Support Animals
FAQs Service Animal vs. Emotional Support Animals

What is your baggage policy?

Each ticketed passenger (with the exception of lap babies) may check up to 40lbs of baggage at no charge. This 40lbs is inclusive of your personal items such as handbag, laptop bags, etc. as well. Excess baggage beyond 40 lbs will be charged an Excess Baggage Fee of $1.75 per pound and is not guaranteed to make the flight unless a Guaranteed Cargo Delivery block was purchased at least 24 hours in advance.

If you anticipate having excess baggage that must travel with you, please contact our Freight Department at a minimum of 48 hours in advance to discuss your options. Please note that all items, including any items that fly unaccompanied, passenger excess luggage and Guaranteed Cargo Delivery, are subject to duty and must have receipts and invoices for all items contained within. You are responsible for payment of duty,VAT and any other applicable fees.

How do I get to Makers Air for my Flight to Chub Cay?

Makers Air is located at 2331 NW 55th Court, Hangar 19, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.

Approximate drive time to Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) – 20 minutes.

Approximate drive time to Miami International Airport (MIA) – 35-45 minutes.

Approximate drive time to Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) – 35-45 minutes

From I-95: Take the Commercial Blvd exit (#32) and head west approximately 2 miles to NW 21st avenue. Make a right turn on NW 21st avenue and follow the road about three quarters of a mile.

From the Turnpike: Take the Commercial Blvd exit (#62) and head east approximately 3 miles to NW 21st avenue. Make a left turn on NW 21st avenue and follow the road about three quarters of a mile.

We are located on the right-hand side of the road in hangar #19. You will see a sign above the bay door that says Makers Air. The office and lobby are located on the left side of the building. Makers Air provides complimentary valet parking for our passengers.

I’m flying into FLL, MIA or PBI airport. How can I get from there to Makers Air?

There are many options for transportation to our hanger – car service, rental cars, Uber, Lyft, and taxis. Please feel free to contact our Reservations team should you desire further information.

How early do I need to arrive at the airport?

All passengers must arrive and check-in a minimum of 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. 

Can I park at Makers Air?

Makers Air strongly encourages passengers to utilize Uber or other ride-share services as parking is extremely limited. Should it be necessary to bring your own car, Makers Air does provide valet parking for our passengers. Self parking is not available. Makers Air is not responsible for any damage or theft to vehicles or their contents. Please note that parking is unsecured and there is no security. Long-term parking is not allowed.

I need to book a connecting flight. How much time do you recommend I give myself?

We recommend giving yourself a minimum of a 3 hour buffer between connecting flights if leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale International airport and a 4-hour buffer if leaving out of Miami International airport. This buffer is to account for any delays at US customs, any possible delays due to inclement weather, any travel time between airports, or any other unforeseen delays that could arise. Makers Air is not responsible for costs incurred by the Passenger (hotel, missed connections, etc.) due to any delays because of weather, mechanical issues, customs and immigration delays, or any other reason beyond our reasonable control. Trip Insurance will protect against such events and is strongly encouraged. Please contact a reputable travel insurance agency to protect your travel investment.

Are there any nearby hotels in Fort Lauderdale that offer a discount if I fly with Makers Air?

Yes! Makers Air passengers receive exclusive benefits at various local establishments. Click here to view!

Bahamas Travel Resources

  • Bahamas COVID-19 Webpage
  • Effective September 22, 2022, all COVID restrictions have been lifted in the Bahamas. No COVID tests are needed to enter the country, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated. 

Helpful Travel Links


  • Makers Air Travel Reschedule Form
  • Travel Health Card Registration
  • Video Tutorial – How to Apply for a Travel Health Visa to the Bahamas

Am I allowed to bring fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, or eggs into the Bahamas?

Notice of Agricultural Permits Requirements
No passenger may bring fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, poultry, eggs, flowers or plants without an Agriculture Permit issued to them by the government of the Bahamas. Passenger must apply and pay for permit a minimum of 72 hours prior to departure. Bahamas customs has the right to open and inspect all baggage, coolers, boxes and other passenger belongings. Items may be confiscated by Bahamas Customs without proper permitting. Please click here for further information and permitting paperwork.

Can I bring my fishing poles with me to Chub Cay?

A: Yes! However, the max length of the rods can only be 6 feet due to our cargo pod length. Also, please be sure the lines are spooled to the reels and not set up on the rod. No hooks should be attached at all due to safety reasons. Please note that Makers Air is not responsible for any damage that could occur to the rod during loading or cargo shifting in the pod during flight.

Can I bring alcohol or cigarettes into Chub Cay, Bahamas?

Bahamian Law allows Duty Free (into the Bahamas):

$100 total of duty-free items to visitors

  • 1 qt. of liquor OR 1 qt. of wine OR 1 6-pack of beer
  • 200 cigarettes OR 50 cigars

How do I travel with a drone to Chub Cay?

Bahamas Drone Regulations. According to Bahamas’s national aviation authority, the Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA), flying a drone is legal in the Bahamas, but we recommend being aware of and compliant with the drone regulations listed below before doing so. You need to register your drone.
If you’d like to contact the BCAA directly before you travel with any questions you might have, here is their contact information: +1 242 397 4700

General Rules for Flying a Drone in the Bahamas

Based on our research and interpretation of the laws, here are the most important rules to know for flying a drone in the Bahamas.

  • A permit is required for all drone use in the Bahamas. See the section below for more information.
  • You must register your drone to fly in the Bahamas. The registration portal can be found here.
  • Do not fly within 50 ft. of any person, building, or vehicle not associated with the drone’s operation
  • Do not fly over or within 150 meters of any congested or populated area.
  • Do not fly higher than 400 ft.
  • Do not fly within 5 nautical miles of any airport.
  • Do not fly over private property unless you have consent from the property owner.
  • Do not fly over military installations, nature reserves, or areas labeled a “no drone zone.”
  • Do not fly at night or in bad weather conditions with low visibility.

Freight Duties and Levies

The average duty is 45% of the total landed value ($ value of item + any insurance premium + ALL shipping costs) of your items. However, a few common items are either free or somewhat less. Duty will be collected at the port-of-entry for all parcels being shipped to: Chub Cay, Great Harbour Cay, North Eleuthera, Rock Sound, San Andros, Fresh Creek, Congo Town, Cat Island. You, the shipper, are responsible for being aware of and paying for, all duties and levies applicable to your package.

NOTE: If a parcel contains a repair/replacement part for a vessel, and you submit a valid cruising permit to us at time of delivery, you may only be subject to entry and processing fees. However, not all replacement parts fall under this condition, so please contact the freight department with any questions.

If a parcel contains building materials (materials used in the structure of building), you may only be subject to entry and processing fees. Please visit for information on duties, exemptions, levies, VAT, etc.

Will US Customs allow me to bring back shells, fish, driftwood, etc back into the United States?

Fruits, meats (including pork products of any kind), plants, or vegetables are not allowed to be brought back into the United States, even if they were originally purchased in the US.

Coral, sea fans and/or driftwood are not allowed to be brought back into the United States.

Some shells may be permissible, if they were washed with bleach.

Conch/Fish: 10lbs per person is permissible

Lobster: 6 lobster per person is permissible (must be more than 6 inches in length)

If you are carrying in excess of $10,000 in any monetary form, you are required to declare this to United States customs.

What Are The Special Handling Charges?

Special handling charges may apply on exceptionally bulky or heavy items, repackaging, storage, Hazmat, forklift, domestic shipping, etc. Storage fees will apply to parcels left at our facility for over 1 week without contact or shipment information.

You may ship perishable items. Perishable items always fly at the Priority Rush Rate as we cannot store them. All deliveries of perishable items should be individually coordinated with our Freight Department to ensure prompt and expedited delivery.

How Do I Register for a Click2Clear account?

Thank you for reaching out to the Makers Air Freight Department! We will respond to you shortly. In the meantime, we are excited to announce that Makers Air is fully compliant with the new Click2Clear program implemented by the Bahamas Government. It is mandatory that anyone (Bahamian or US residents) that ship items into the Bahamas be registered online for this new system.

Simply click here to enroll!

It is extremely important to note that your name on the Click2Clear account must exactly match the name on your packages. If this name is different from your previous shipments with us, it is vital that you update your Makers Air account with the valid name as soon as possible in order to avoid any delays or fines attached to your shipments.

Can I ship freight to the Bahamas?

Step 1: Create your free Freight Account with us
Click here to create your free Freight Account with us. This will help ensure that we have the proper information to ship your packages quickly to you.
Step 2: Address your packages correctly
When you have your packages delivered to Makers Air, it is important they are addressed using the format below:
2331 NW 55th Court
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
*PLEASE NOTE: Do not put our company name on the package. Your name must be on the package, and this name must be the exact match of your name registered with Click2Clear.
Step 3: Track your Packages
Please track your package deliveries to us online via the company you ordered from. Then email us at 24 hours after ALL your packages show as “delivered” to let us know you are ready for your bin to be pulled. We will then prepare your packages for shipment to the Bahamas. Please note we require that you give us 24 hours after your package is delivered to allow enough time for the package to be scanned into our system and distributed to your customer bin. Due to the volume of packages received daily, we do not call customers upon receipt of packages.
Step 4: Pay your Invoice
Once your shipment is finished being prepared, we will email you the invoice for payment. It is very important for you to review the invoice carefully and be sure that all the tracking numbers you are expecting in this shipment are there. Once you have double-checked the tracking numbers, simply click the link to pay your invoice. Upon receipt of your payment, your shipment will go out on our next available flight for delivery to you! Please note all delivery times are calculated from the date the package(s), documentation, and full payment have been received.
Additional Special Instructions for Customers Shipping to Staniel Cay

In order for your unaccompanied parcel to be shipped to Staniel Cay, you must register with Click2Clear. We are unable to ship anything for you without this registration. Additionally, we will need your receipt(s) for the items we are sending. This is required for customs – both U.S. Customs at departure and Bahamas Customs upon arrival. When you place an order, please ask the supplier to include an invoice/receipt and contact information for the recipient. Please note that you are responsible for payment of all duties, levies, and required broker fees. All packages shipped to Staniel Cay MUST include:

  • Invoice with total monetary value (item $, tax $, shipping $)
  • Cruising Permit (if applicable)
  • Recipient Contact Information (phone, email)

Where do we clear U.S. Customs & Immigration?

Upon your return to the U.S., the aircraft will taxi immediately to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol offices at 5301 East Perimeter Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309. All items must be removed from the aircraft and each passenger is responsible for his/her own bags. Please stay with your pilot during this process and do not leave the building until instructed to do so. PLEASE NOTE: No mobile phone use is allowed for phone calls or texting while you are in the Customs building.

Flight Terms and and Conditions

Tes, You can read them by following this link.

Flight Terms and Conditions

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which Nealco Air Charters Services, Inc. d.b.a. Makers Air with offices at 2331 NW 55th Court, Hangar 19, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, (henceforth “Operator”, “us”, “we”) in return for payment in the amount indicated as the total cost for airfare, agrees to provide you (“Passenger”, “you”, “your”) with air transportation services.

By purchasing your Makers Air ticket, you acknowledge your agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

  1. RESPONSIBILITY:Operator provides air transportation services only and is therefore responsible only for the Passenger’s flight. The Operator does not offer or provide any other services. Please note: Exposure to COVID-19 or other illnesses is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present. While Makers Air conducts extensive health and safety protocols, we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your travel. If you purchase other services (hotel, rental car, etc.) in connection with your flight, those other services are the responsibility of the provider of those services and/or their agent(s). Neither the Operator, nor its agents, servants, employees, management, owners or your travel agent, assumes any responsibility for any claim, cause of action, injuries, losses or damages arising from the acts or omissions of any third parties involved with your flight, or quarantine, disturbances, government restrictions or regulations, damage, delay of baggage or other property, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, loss of pay, disappointment, mechanical breakdown, government actions, strike, lockouts, war, terrorism, weather, acts of God, force majeure, or other factors of causes beyond our control.
  2. INSURANCE: The Operator recommends trip cancellation, health, and accident insurance. This important protection can save you money if you are forced to cancel or alter your trip. As indicated herein (Section 5, “Itinerary Changes and Cancelations”), all tickets are non-refundable. We strongly encourage all passengers to contact a reputable travel insurance agency to protect their travel investment.
  3. AIR CARRIERS AND AIRCRAFT:The Passenger is flying on a flight operated by Nealco Air Charter Services, Inc. d.b.a Makers Air, a Certificated On-Demand and Commuter Air Carrier holding economic authority from The Department of Transportation and operating under 14 CFR Part 135 (FAA Certificate # N5CA865Y). All Flights operated by Makers Air will be performed using a Cessna Grand Caravan (208-B) aircraft with 9 passenger seats. However, the operator, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change the aircraft type or capacity, or the air carrier performing a given flight. The Passenger is not guaranteed a particular plane or non-stop service. If a substitution of aircraft becomes necessary, Makers Air will make best efforts to provide substitute service at comparable departure times, subject to operational constraints. No refunds or compensation will be given for such substitutions or changes. Makers Air is not responsible for costs incurred by the Passenger (hotel, missed connections, etc.) due to any delays because of weather, mechanical issues, customs and immigration delays, and any other reason beyond our reasonable control. Trip Insurance will protect against such events and is available via numerous third parties if desired.

The origin and destination cities for each flight leg, the dates and times of the outbound and return flights, and the amount and terms for payment will be printed on the ticket.

  1. Airfare:The airfare amount quoted to Passenger includes air transportation and all applicable taxes, government imposed user fees, and any other applicable fees for the itinerary booked with Makers Air. This price varies based on destination and other factors, however the total and complete price will be the price printed on your ticket and approved by you prior to making payment. Passenger is responsible for all incidental expenses (including excess baggage charges detailed below). No refund will be made for services included in the ticket price which Passenger chooses not to use.
  2. RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENT:Full payment and acceptance of this Agreement are required to secure tickets. Reservations may be made directly online at our website or by calling (954) 771-0330. Passenger has a right to request a copy of this Agreement prior to making payment. For bookings made by calling (954) 771-0330 or via our website, Makers Air accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.
  3. ITINERARY CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS:The right to a refund if the Passenger changes or cancels a reservation is limited. ALL PAYMENTS (i.e. “Tickets”) ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Reservations may be changed or cancelled up to 8 hours prior to departure with a change fee.   Change fees are as follows:
  • No change fee for changes made 14 days prior to departure
  • $75 per passenger for changes made 8 to 13 days prior to departure
  • $100 per passenger for changes made 2 to 7 days prior to departure
  • $150 per passenger for changes made up to 8 hours prior to departure.
  • If changes made within 8 hours of departure, customer forfeits ticket.

The particular flight or flights will then be flagged in our system and credit must be used within 12 months of the date of cancellation. The net amount of the credit will remain in escrow until it is either used or expires. Upon expiration (12 months), all monies are forfeited by the Passenger. Extensions beyond one year are not possible. Passengers who do not notify Makers Air at least 8 hours in advance of their cancellation or change request for a future flight voucher forfeit their right to credit for future travel. Changes and cancellations can only be made by emailing or completing a Travel Reschedule Form. The time stamp on your email or submission form to us must reflect the 24-hour cutoff or no credit will be preserved. All changes must be submitted via the above two choices: a voice message left to this effect is not sufficient. No credit will be issued for a cancellation or schedule change made within 24 hours of departure time. In this instance, the entire airfare price is forfeited.

  1. FREE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE AND BAGGAGE POLICIES:Each ticketed passenger may check up to 40 lbs. of baggage, inclusive of personal items such as handbags, laptop bags, etc. Anything over 40 lbs. will be charged an Excess Baggage Fee of $1.75 per pound and it is not guaranteed to make your flight. Please note that excess baggage can be accepted on a space-available basis only, as determined by Makers Air on the date of travel. If you anticipate having an excess weight of 40 lbs. per person, please contact Freight@makersair.comso we may speak with you about your options. It is important to note that any items that fly unaccompanied (including passenger excess luggage and guaranteed cargo delivery) are subject to duty and must have receipts and invoices attached. You are responsible for the payment of duty. Any applicable Excess Baggage Fees are required to be paid at check-in, prior to boarding the plane. All checked and carry-on baggage must have outside baggage tags for identification.
  2. PETS:Makers Air will transport a pet at a minimum fee of $35 or $2.00 per pound, whichever is greater. Pet must remain confined to an FAA-approved carrier for the duration of the flight. The passenger may provide their own crate or rent one from Makers Air for a fee of $25 each way. All pets must obtain a permit from the Department of Agriculture in the Bahamas before entering the Bahamas. Their phone number is 242-325-7502 or 7509. This process can take up to two weeks so please plan appropriately. To re-enter the United States, pet owners are required to provide a current rabies vaccination. Verification of documentation will be required prior to boarding the aircraft.
  3. LIMITATION ON LIABILITY FOR BAGGAGE:Makers Air assumes NO LIABILITY for any items left by a Passenger in the passenger compartment of the aircraft. Makers Air is not liable under any circumstance for loss or damage to money, jewelry, collector’s items, silverware, furs, artistic items such as paintings, clocks and watches, negotiable papers or securities, business documents, eyeglasses, cameras, electronic or computer equipment, photographic equipment, medications, mechanical, recreational, or sporting equipment, items made of paper, perishable items, x-ray items and other light-sensitive materials; toys, infant seats, strollers or other similar valuable items included in a Passenger’s checked or unchecked baggage with or without knowledge of the carrier. Makers Air is not responsible for damage to luggage arising from normal wear and tear of ordinary handling, including scratches, scuffs, puncture, stains, and marks. Makers Air assumes no liability whatsoever for damaged or loss of baggage.
  4. AIRPORT CHECK-IN: All Passengers must check-in for a flight no later than 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.Passengers will not receive refunds for missed flights. All passengers must have a valid Passport in their possession upon check-in. Flights close 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time and passengers who show up after this deadline forfeit their seat. No refunds or credit is given in the instance where a passenger shows up after the 20-minute cutoff and cannot board the flight. This is considered a “no show” and no refunds will be given.
  5. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS:All Passengers must have a valid passport to travel to and from the United States. WITHOUT THIS IDENTIFICATION, YOU WILL BE DENIED BOARDING AND WILL NOT BE GIVEN A REFUND. A driver’s license and birth certificate are no longer sufficient for traveling to and from the Bahamas. Citizens of non-US countries may have additional entry requirements for both the US and the Bahamas. The Passenger is responsible to determine and obtain proper travel documentation such as visas, passports, and notarized authorizations. For more information on U.S. entry requirements, please visit or Please consult the Consulate of the Passenger’s international destination for further information on their entry requirements. For all destinations, infants and children traveling without both parents must have a notarized letter from the parent(s) not traveling, a death certificate, or the original court document specifying sole custody. No refunds will be made if improper documentation results in denied boarding or entry. For all Makers Air flights, a government-issued Passport is mandatory for all persons.
  6. CUSTOMER SERVICE:Makers Air is committed to quality service. In the unlikely event that you have cause for dissatisfaction during your flight, please call 954-771-0330to discuss the issue with a Customer Service Representative.
  7. GENERAL:The rights and remedies made available under this Agreement are in addition to any of the rights and remedies available under Florida law. Further, in the interest of clarity and for the avoidance of any doubt, the Passenger agrees that all rights, remedies, and privileges available to Makers Air under this Agreement shall also apply to and act for the benefit of our owners, agents, servants, employees, officers, directors, representatives, contractors, or other third party service providers that Makers Air may retain or engage to provide services on behalf of Makers Air under this Agreement. The acceptance of a refund, or alternative travel arrangements, as provided for in this Agreement shall constitute a full and final settlement and release of all other claims or remedies against Makers Air. By executing this Agreement, the Passenger specifically acknowledges and consents to all conditions set forth herein. This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties and completely supersedes any prior arrangements or representations of Makers Air, verbal or in writing. This Agreement can only be amended in writing and must be signed by both parties. Any oral representations or modifications shall have no force or effect. Florida state law shall govern this Agreement. Any claim against Makers Air must be presented in writing within ten days of the date of the Passenger’s return flight. Makers Air is not liable for any claims presented after ten-day period.
  8. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: With the acceptance of this agreement, the passenger acknowledges that they have been informed about the requirements for the transport of items being classified as “Hazardous Materials” as well as exceptions and exemptions as outlined in various publications, including 49 CFR 175.10 and/or a descriptive publication by the FAA such as are published for all kinds of Lithium batteries. These publications may not always represent the latest status; it is therefore suggested that the passenger contact Makers Air for any kind of question in relation to passenger obligations and Hazardous Materials in checked or carry-on luggage and/or cargo/freight. If – during the course of a random inspection – non-compliant items are discovered, these items will be withdrawn from air transportation until they are made compliant with regulations. Once withdrawn, the passenger has the option to not ship these items or to have them processed into a compliant form with corresponding charges to the passenger.
  • Bahamas Entry Requirements
  • US Entry Requirements
  • Covid Travel Information
  • Hotels
  • Ground Transportation
  • Parking at Makers Air? Makers Air provides complimentary valet services for our passengers. Simply pull into the Makers Air lot and one of our friendly valet attendants will assist you. Self-parking is not available. Makers Air is not responsible for vehicles or their contents. Please note long term parking is no longer available.
  • How to get to Makers Air Fort Lauderdale hangar:Makers Air is located at 2331 NW 55th Court, Hangar 19, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.Approximate drive time to Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) – 20 minutes.Approximate drive time to Miami International Airport (MIA) – 35-45 minutes.Approximate drive time to Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) – 35-45 minutesFrom I-95: Take the Commercial Blvd exit (#32) and head west approximately 2 miles to NW 21st avenue. Make a right turn on NW 21st avenue and follow the road about three quarters of a mile.From the Turnpike: Take the Commercial Blvd exit (#62) and head east approximately 3 miles to NW 21st avenue. Make a left turn on NW 21st avenue and follow the road about three quarters of a mile.We are located on the right-hand side of the road in hangar #19. You will see a sign above the bay door that says Makers Air. The office and lobby are located on the left side of the building.  Makers Air provides complimentary valet parking for our passengers.
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