Three Companies, One Mission

Our connection to paradise runs as deep as the Atlantic. Beginning at a young Staniel Cay, Joe Hocher capitalized upon his vision to bring the indescribable magic of island life to those who seek the luxury of true escape. What resulted is a trifecta of family-owned businesses that believe in the value of customer service, quality of product and your satisfaction across the board.  We welcome you to explore the history below.


The Legacy Begins


Joe Hocher (co-founder and owner of the Staniel Cay Yacht Club)


WaterMakers Air

Joe Hocher (co-founder and owner of the Staniel Cay Yacht Club) started flying a Piper Cherokee Six to bring supplies into Staniel Cay from Nassau and Fort Lauderdale.



Joe Hocher founded Watermakers, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, a manufacturing company dedicated to the design, manufacture, and service of reverse osmosis desalination equipment.


Watermakers Air

In response to demand, Watermakers Air was officially formed and began operating as a 135 charter for the specific purpose of flying passengers, as well as freight and supplies. Our first aircraft was a single, Britten Norman Islander and our employees consisted of Joe and David Hocher plus the pilot. The only destination was Staniel Cay and the “lobby” consisted of folding chairs in a small hangar.


Makers Air: New Name

Now named as Makers Air, we’ve taken our brand promise to the next level by creating a tailored passenger experience that is focused on customer service and connecting travelers with the Out Islands of The Bahamas.